Saturday, 11 September 2010

A virtual minute with... fashion bloggers Les Berlinettes

Les Berlinettes

Tell The Last Miaow readers a bit about who Les Berlinettes are and where you're based.
Hi, it's written by me, Amandine, and my friend Karen. We are both French and both live/lived in Berlin. Amandine has been in Berlin for three years and Karen for almost two - although she went back to France a few weeks ago.

How did this blog come about? The name, the themes...
I began a blog two years ago, then stopped and wanted to do a new one with a friend, so that we could motivate each other. Karen writes more about music, about French stuff like Kitsuné, Yelle and so on, and I write more about fashion or post some music that I like, etc... We both do interviews with bands that we like. We already have interviews with the Drums, Delphic, First Aid Kit, etc... that you can see on You Tube at

Time to name-drop: favourite fashion brands and why?
I love Chloé, Céline, Chanel. I actually love really classic brands or brands that are doing very crazy stuff. Or clothes that are impossible to wear in every day life. I would say, Martin Margiela, Starstyling (a label from Berlin), Louise Goldin, Kermit Tesoro (a designer from the Philippines), with whom we also did an interview.

Favourite websites?
I like to read the french journal Madame Figaro, especially during Fashion Week as they report on just about every show in Paris, New York, Milan and London; you can see each piece of a collection. I like to read blogs. Style blogs like StilinBerlin, The Sartorialist... I also like to watch pictures of the three most famous French bloggers: Alix the Cherry Blossom Girl, Pandora and Le Blog de Betty. Then I read fashion news on fashion blogs and sometimes I have a look on Vogue online, GQ or Glamour, but it's not what I prefer most, as the are so commercial.

Finally, where do you see your blog taking you in future?
I don't know yet. I do the blog because I want a career in fashion and I just want people to see I'm very interested in it.

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