Sunday, 20 June 2010

A virtual minute with... The Beautiful and Glammed

An occasional series of interviews with members from the online fashion community.

Megan McCluskie

The Beautiful and Glammed (TBAG) is written by Susannah Edwards and Megan McCluskie, both based in London.

You are bloggers because...
Earning our stripes as fashion interns we decided to do a little something for ourselves. It’s fun and silly and given that we love so many blogs it felt right to join in the fun! It’s an amazing way to get involved in the fashion community and we love the immediacy of it all, you can get immediate feedback and take inspiration from so many fashion writers and all the cool cats that style themselves the world over. We’ve been really lucky and given that we do so many shopping edits it never feels like work – though our banks mightn’t agree.

What are your favourite shopping destinations / hangouts - on the street and online?
Selfridges, Liberty and gold old Toppers have all you need in London (and in the virtual world). Pixie Market, Colette and Oxygen (*see below) are great online boutiques too. A Sunday afternoon shopping around Spitalfields and Brick Lane is heavenly or along Columbia Road [that's East London - TLM].

What are your favourite fashion websites and blogs?
It’s a bit limiting to choose just a few, but we adore,,,,,,

Susannah Edwards

Got any blogging tips?
As with most things, you get back what you put in. Get involved with other blogs and keep posts frequent so people come back for more. And most importantly, enjoy!

What's the future for fashion and the internet?
The relationship between fashion and the internet will surely grow and certainly commercial magazines now have to work on their internet communication as the internet is definitely a better place for commerce and immediate information. I think fashion on the internet still lacks a certain creativity (though SHOWStudio definitely challenges this!) Certainly, the internet is the place for the more commercial side of fashion but I can’t see us ever wanting look at fashion shoots on our screens. Amazing magazines like Muse, Self Service, Purple and what-not couldn’t be replaced by fashion sites as they could never capture that true creativity.

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