Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Your daily must-read 9 May 2010

Sally Singer is leaving American Vogue to become editor of T magazine (the style magazine of The New York Times): This is a mixed blessing: although I'll miss her in Vogue (not that Mark Holgate and Eve MacSweeney, her replacements, won't do a brilliant job),T is absolutely my favourite fashion magazine. If only it wasn't so bloody difficult to get hold of in London.

Here's a diverting mini documentary about scouting for models in South Brazil, where Gisele was discovered; they really do seem to be genetically superior down there.

Following her CFDA awards win, Tonne Goodman talks to Paul Cavaco
(Check out my coverage of the CFDA red carpet trends here.)

Of course you've all seen it a hundred times by now, but here's Lady Gaga bringing Steven Klein to the masses, as the director of her new single. Personally I'm not a fan of that photographer's aesthetic - people are going Gaga for it though, if Twitter is to be believed.

Have you seen this shoot of Kate Moss by Sam Taylor Wood?

Image: Kate Moss photographed by Sam Taylor Wood

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