Wednesday, 21 July 2010

A virtual minute with... Some Kind of Style

Fashion blogger Some Kind of Style is based in Germany, and I like her blog because she covers Berlin Fashion Week which doesn't get all that much attention in the traditional press (you know how  much I liked Berlin - check out my blog post, Eye on Berlin, from a few months' back). Here, she shares some thoughts, and made me a nice collage on Poyvore!

What's the difference between you and your blogging alter-ego?
Well, I might say it's kind of a Secret Agent Ego! I try to keep the two worlds apart at the moment...more fun that way for me. Sometimes the worlds collide but no one has gotten behind the secret yet!

What are your favourite fashion websites?
I often visit Trendland for information, as well as Frillr and, as well as many others...

What are you wearing this summer?
I'm definitely wearing flat sandals of all kinds, cool sunglasses and destroyed boyfriend jeans..or take a look over here: My Summer Style ( made you a quick Summer Outfit Collage...

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