Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Eye on Berlin

Oona Galerie

Just back from my trip to Berlin, where I attended the opening party for Soho House. While I unfortunately don't have any pictures (house rules prevent any photographs, but let me tell you it's pretty nice - close in style to Shoreditch House, but bigger) I did take a few sneaky shots from the roof, from where the view is spectacular.

Two views from the roof of Soho House Berlin
There is a large hanging picture of a shark, graffiti-style, in the lobby by Damien Hirst, which he did with a spray can of black ink (it's all about the graffiti in east Berlin; it covers surfaces everywhere).

Cards for, from top, Konk, Oona Galerie and Do You Read Me?!
As well as catching up with my friend Kevin Braddock, the editor of the brilliant Manzine, I managed to check out a few shops on Augustraβe, including Do You Read Me?!, an old-fashioned magazine shop selling every obscure fashion and art title you could hope to see; Oona Gallerie, which was showcasing some eyecatching jewellery, and Konk, which stocks some interesting clothing and accessory brands like Hoyem.

Oona Galerie

Fashion boutique Konk


  1. Cool pictures! I like the graffiti and sense of decay and creation that seems to be happening in some of these pictures.


  2. I don't think that graffiti will be there for long- which is why it's important to document it while it is.

  3. looks like an amazing place. i would like to go there someday. hope you are well.