Wednesday, 12 May 2010

A virtual minute with... Alice Mary Barnes

An occasional series of interviews with people from the online fashion community.

Alice Mary Barnes is a Newcastle upon Tyne-based student, currently completing a degree in Fashion Communication at Northumbria University. She's a self-labelled fashion student/lover/admirer, specialising in layout design, some fashion photography and casting for fashion shows.

You blog because...
I want to promote my work to a wider audience and post videos/articles/photos that I love and want to share. My blog is still very much in it's infancy at the moment though as I have been so busy finishing off all my degree work and designing my website!

What are your favourite fashion blogs and websites?
Favourite blogs: Style Bubble - I LOVE Susie's style, she's extremely individual and supports new designers; Am-lul (Gala Gonzalez) and Luxenoir - they put together some gorgeous looks and both have enviable hair! And Show Me Your Wardrobe is fantastic. I love Jackie Dixon's photography and everyone she photographs have such a fantastic sense of style and sense of self. [Check out Jackie's Q&A with The Last Miaow here].

Fashion websites....FAR too many. Obvious websites like, Catwalking and, but I love The Fashion Spot forums and magazine websites too like

What are your blogging tips?
Post as often as you can and make sure they contain style as well as substance. Always give the reader something to remember!

What do you think is the future of fashion and the internet?
The internet is such a big and powerful force in the industry now. Twitter, blogs and web-streaming of fashion shows are just a few things that are so important to the industry. My only concern is that all fashion shows will end up online or as videos; fashion is a tactile experience and we must not forget this. Fashion needs to be touched, felt and embraced, and sometimes I worry that the internet will take away the sensation of fashion as a very real experience for the consumer.

BACKSTAGE from Alice Barnes on Vimeo. (the video is password protected, type in 'fashion')

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