Wednesday, 26 May 2010

A virtual minute with... Miss Likey

An occasional series of interviews with people from the online fashion community.

You are a fashion blogger because...
I remember it was my last year in journalism college, and after a few futile attempts at writers’ competitions (including the one Vogue has) and refusing to write about things that I personally dislike, I decided to write a blog. It meant I could keep my freedom. I don’t know how you felt when starting The Last Miaow, but with Misslikey I felt like it was my baby. And I was timid in the beginning - when writing for someone you have an editor, but here every reader is an editor in some kind of way; they decide what is good or not.

How long have you been blogging for?
From September 2008. Is it already 2010?

What are your favourite shops (online and on the street)?
Since blogging, I've become a little walking online shopping guide. I think my favourite shops are the ones that carry Karen Walker and Rachel Comey - I am utterly obsessed with both. As far as labels go, I adore Talula, Lyell and NZ ones Ruby and Stolen Girlfriends Club. From the high street, I am still a Topshop fan. My usual online shopping addresses are Opening Ceremony, Pixie Market, Nasty Gal and The Outnet.

Favourite websites / blogs for fashion news, inspiration etc?
Except The Last Miaow (I always pick up some useful inspiration), I read news daily from, WWD,, The Cut, Refinery29,, Vogue Australia online. Also I love Stylepress, and Fashion Gone Rogue. For celebrity bloggers, I love Yvan Rodic (Facehunter), Julia Frakes(Julia Lapin) and Diane Pernet (

What's the most successful thing you've posted?
Hmmm, posts regarding red carpet events usually get the most hits, but I don’t do them that often (which doesn't say much for my business skills). Posts I consider successful are usually about quite anonymous people (designers or figures involved in fashion in some kind of way), when I interview them then write the story. I love when I feel that pure passion not damaged by profit; those individuals inspire me the most. Also, writing posts about a designer and then getting a thank you note from him or her - that gives me a feeling of solidarity, especially for a not-so-experienced writer like me.

Any fashion blogging tips?
Be yourself. Having a blog on your own is amazing, because you know you have freedom. Freedom means expression. And expression is art.

What's the future for fashion and the internet?
The internet will have more and more impact on the fashion business, as the online fashion community continues to grow. In this Zeitgeist everyone’s a critic, everyone can comment, everyone can have their five minutes. We've already witnessed some of the great things that can happen (take for example Alexander Wang: he is not just globally popular because of US Vogue and the CFDA - bloggers are the ones that helped him a lot). In this new age of online fashion, the industry is forced to be more ethical, more democratic and more available. And I am happy about that.

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  1. :::claps::: very good interview. t's always motivation to see what inspires others.

  2. Love her look and this post!
    The Outnet is one of my fave stores too!