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A virtual minute with... Jackie Dixon, Show Me Your Wardrobe

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Jackie Dixon, Photographer/Stylist and Founder of

I met Jackie years ago, when we both worked at British Vogue. Last year, she Facebooked me about appearing on what was then her new blog, Show Me Your Wardrobe. She came to my flat and we spent a hilarious morning burrowing through my closet. The resulting pictures hold a special place in my heart, as I was just a few weeks' pregnant at the time, and remind me of feeling thrilled and not a little terrfied. Since then, Show Me Your Wardrobe has become a huge success; here, the unstoppable multi-media-ette answers a few questions for The Last Miaow.

What are your favourite fashion blogs and/or websites? - I can spend hours on this one, piecing together my dream house. - I love a good snoop! - an obvious choice maybe but what can I say, I'm under the Tavi spell. - and not just because he is my husband... - this is my friend Bill's site, he doesn't post as often as I would like him to but it somehow makes the site more special.
And The Last Miaow of course!

How have you noticed the fashion industry has changed towards you during the time you've been blogging?
I think a lot of people still don't realize that it's me taking the pictures for my blog, because I was a stylist first (or rather known as a stylist) they think that maybe someone else is the photographer so firstly, I have to get the word out that I am the photographer, that in general, I am now taking pictures. But as far as me and blogging goes, I've had a really warm reception because my site is all about other people and how fabulous they are, there is nothing negative on my blog, and it's totally selfless, except of course that they are my pictures and that I am the photographer (have I mentioned that I take the pictures...)

It also helped that the first person I shot was Juliette Lewis (as I was styling her at the time) and then of course my regular Show Me Your Wardrobe pages in ELLE magazine were a nice push too. I think I've been really lucky in that although I have a blog I also collaborate with magazines a lot - eg ELLE, The Sunday Times Style, the Telegraph and so on so am not seen as a blogger fullstop; maybe I am more of a stylist/photographer who also happens to have a blog...

What was your LFW AW10 highlight?
Twitter! I signed up and had such a giggle doing it and reading all the other things people were writing. For example, I was at the Bodyamr show chatting away and shooting Nicola Roberts and when I went back to my seat someone had tweeted, "spotted at Bodyamr, ShowMeYourWardrobe's Jackie Dixon snapping celebs". Hilarious! I must get on it a bit more though, haven't got the hang of it fully just yet.

What trends do you see emerging for the coming months?
Sartorially speaking I would imagine everything will be an homage to Celine - cut, colour palette and styling. It's amazing how one show and appointment (ie the appointment of Phoebe Philo) can re-shuffle a few opinions and fashion obsession. I will be channelling a bit of Celine for sure.

Otherwise I see plenty more bloggers and general online activity - Selfridges have just re-launched their website and Liberty are giving theirs a real push too; even Vogue has a blog now. I think there will be a lot more collaborations with bloggers and established fashion houses too (I, for one, have a few up my sleeve).

What's next for Show Me Your Wardrobe?
More shoots! I'm working on a lot of collaborations at the moment - I was part of the editorial team for Benetton's global casting competition to find the next face for their advertising campaign, called IT'S MY TIME. I flew out to NYC to shoot some behind-the-scenes pics for them too. I've also teamed up with Selfridges as they have re-launched their website; I shoot a new section called SELF STYLE taking pics of cool people I find shopping in Selfridges. I also did another Show Me Your Topshop (see what we did there...) pop-up studio in the new Topshop store in Newcastle: I shot 115 people on the first day, it was insane. I've never laughed so much in one day.

I've also started to do more studio shoots, applying the way I approach a Show Me Your Wardrobe shoot to a fashion shoot in a studio. I shot the beautiful Tali Lennox the other day and loved it, and also the very brilliant Paloma Faith. Watch this space - more fashion is definitely coming! And editorial/collaborations too.

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