Monday, 11 January 2010

Katie Grand apologises

In another indication of how fashion magazines are losing ground to The Web, I'm amused to read a report in WWD about how some brands are upset that the SS10 ad campaigns were leaked online before being published in print magazines. In particular, the blog for Love was singled out, with editor Katie Grand issuing a grovelling apology.

While it's understandable that fashion brands are concerned about protecting their image, there's no getting away from the fact that while there's a demand for them, the images will be published online, giving the brand- duh - free advertising, not to mention exposure to the very people who would be interested in buying their wares. 

Marc Jacobs, among a few others, has the right idea. Last season he and Louis Vuitton circulated a video showing the making of their campaign which featured  Madonna. The video went viral, resulting in what must have been gazillions of dollars worth of free advertising.

Not only does this grumbling show how out of touch print magazines really are, it also shows an embarrassing lack of imagination on the part of fashion PRs and their employers. It really is time for them to wise up and hop on the internet gravy train.

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