Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Tina Fey and the "big steaming dump"

I love Tina Fey. Reacting to E! Entertainment's Giuliana Rancic's (nee DePandi) disapproval of the dress she wore to the Golden Globes (a black and white tiered prom-style dress by Zac Posen), she took the opportunity of another live interview, this time at the SAG awards, to thank Rancic for taking "a big steaming dump" on her. Rancic, who is ridiculed by the fashion elite for her naff style, but who is nonetheless skilled at her job, rallied to the accusation, sincerely (or as sincerely as it's possible for her to be) complimenting her on her SAG choice of a far less eye-catching purple v-neck dress by Ferragamo. What neither was possible aware of was a style judgement pronounced on both women from on high by none other than Andre Leon Talley. He singled out Fey's GG dress in his Vogue blog as an "original and intelligent" choice, while Rancic he dismissed as "some monstrous commentator in a slinky silver dress". Seems like Fey is on the right side of the style divide.

Tina Fey in the dress which caused the "big steaming dump" comment. Picture from Justjared.com

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