Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Alexa Chung on Vogue cover

I like the Alexa Chung cover and editorial in the March issue of British Vogue. Kudos to stylist Kate Phelan for making the British It Girl an even trendier version of herself (for what is good celebrity styling if not that?). What I don't get is Alexa writing the accompanying story - in essence interviewing herself - when Vogue has so many perfectly good writers, not to mention all those freelancers currently down on work because of the recession (incidentally this is something I've been noticing a lot in magazines of late; auto-interviewing could just be the ultimate celebrity masturbation fantasy). It's fun looking to the gorgeous Alexa for style inspiration, but I would love even more to have read some snappy copy by Plum Sykes, say, or Harriet Quick. ANyway.

It's strange there's no correllating info about this new issue on the Vogue website, however. When I logged on this morning, the February cover with Natalia Vodianova was still up on the site. I was expecting some behind-the-scenes video footage of the Alexa shoot at the very leasto, or Alexa interviewing some people on camera (that is what she does for a living, after all).

On another note, I want to mention Vanessa Barneby's piece about Charlotte Stockdale and Marc Newson's truly awesome new living quarters ("house" doesn't really seem an apt description). It's the first thing I turned to in the magazine, partly because I have a total lifestyle envy of the gorgeous, stylish Ms Stockdale, but also because the pictures and write-up were in inspiring rather than envy-inducing; it's the kind of thing Vogue does best. Now, how about a virtual tour of the Stockdale/Newson abode on Vogue.com?

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