Friday, 5 February 2010

The top 7 girls fashion bloggers most love to blog about

1. Erin Wasson. Queen of the fashion blogs. Responsible for the whole Alexander Wang / grunge-era-inspired fashion that's saturating the high street this season.

2. Alexa Chung. Br-It Girl. May just be about to lose her edge, following overexposure due to recent Vogue cover. Fashion bloggers (hereafter known as FBs) can't bear to be associated with anything too mainstream.

3. Mary-Kate Olsen. Dumpster chic, and half responsible for The Row, a favourite label of fashion bloggers. BFF with Vanessa Traina, fellow FB fave.

4. Ashley Olsen. Slightly chicer version of  Mary-Kate Olsen, therefore preferred  by FBs with a more polished aesthetic.

5. Vanessa Traina. BFF with Mary-Kate (see above). Leftfield fashion icon.

6. Chloe Sevingy. Poster girl for all things cool. Designer for Opening Ceremony, another right-up-there fashion label beloved by FBs.

7. Kate Moss. But only in her grungey-Johnny Depp-dating phase (cue lots and lots of photos of them looking eyeball searingly cool together).

All of which presents me with the perfect opportunity to include lots of photos of FBs favorite girls. Perfect!

Alexa Chung
Vanessa Traina Fashionindie
Chloe Sevigny Fashion Gone Rogue
Johnny Depp and Kate Moss