Thursday, 4 February 2010

New issue of Love magazine

Love magazine returns to form! (And by that I mean to its former incarnation of Pop.) After two lacklustre issues, it's clear the head honchos over at Conde Nast Towers told Katie Grand to stop faffing around with the over-the-edge edgy stuff and just give the people what they want: a cool, sexy, fun, glossy product. And it really is all these things. The supermodel shoot is just mindblowing - who gets that kind of access? The only dud note is Naomi Campbell, whose pictures don't feel very heartfelt, but then I heard a rumour she wasn't even supposed to be on the cover, she just managed to persuade Mert and Marcus that she should be (such is the power of la Campbell)! The writing still leaves a lot to be desired, but then, who's reading it (me, actually, and it's a shame that piece about Louie Chaban is so rubbish). Still, I'm loving Love. It's a keeper.

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