Thursday, 4 March 2010

Oliver Peoples O'Malley shades - part deux

The hunt for Oliver Peoples O'Malley sunglasses continues (see previous post). I contacted Oliver Peoples through Twitter, and the guy got back to me saying the O'Malley frames I'm after are "long discontinued". Which is strange, since I'm looking at the February 2010 issue of Interview (p. 41, to be exact), and there's a photo of them, listed thus: "...Oliver Peoples is again selling its rounder, slimmer O'Malley frame from 1987", and refers readers to the Oliver Peoples website. So what's going on? I've emailed the Twitter OP guy; let's see what he comes back with.


  1. i absolutely adore those glasses. addicted to tortoise frames lately- i am in hunt for tortoise sunglasses.
    good luck with discount!!

  2. You can get them on this site -

    Nice people there too, so I understand!

  3. These were my everyday glasses when I was a schoolboy in the 90s. If you're quick, you can get my original pair on eBay UK this week.