Friday, 19 March 2010

Your daily topic: Ralph Lauren responds to fashion's evolving role in face of internet

In the latest effort for a luxury brand to lure online readers, Ralph Lauren has staged a virtual catwalk on its website, allowing readers to shop the looks straight away (rather than waiting until the product hits stores later this year). Interesting. I've read some people who have reservations with the fashion editors on the site offering their pennies' worth, which are all positive (so what's new? This is the fashion industry, after all).

It won't be long before all brands are doing this (so many brands, like Burberry and Prada, already stream their shows live online). The consensus seems to be that this new approach to catwalk presentations won't alter the status quo. If not exactly sounding the death knell, however, I can't see how it won't change things considerably. Thoughts?
Watch the Ralph Lauren virtual show here.
Images, Ralph Lauren AW10  via

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