Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Polyvore - we're all fashion editors now

"Newspapers and magazines are, like, these things outside that get wet. They're roadkill." So says Jess Lee, vice-president of fashion website Polyvore, in Alexandra Jacobs' piece in The New Yorker about the online phenomenon.

The piece has prompted people who care about this kind of thing to offer their thoughts. The comments in response to Cathy Horyn's blog post on the topic, for example, suggest most people tend to agree with Ms Lee: fashion magazines are dead. In Horyn's words, they're "thinning out".

I don't use Polyvore myself - it seems like a teenage pastime to me, like making a scrapbook - but then, really, fashion blogs provide a similar kind of outlet: the chance for anyone who wishes to to create their own magazine spreads. More like, it's revenge of the wannabe fashionistas: all those people who were ever turned down for jobs in magazines are striking out on their own. Funny.

Any way you look at it, we're all fashion editors now.

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  1. i will be kind of sad if magazines really do disappear. there is something about reading a magazine with a coffee, getting away from the annoying computer screen for a minute. the feel of the paper on your fingers. and last but not least.... what am i supposed to collage with now???!!!


  2. I agree, I love print magazines. But then I know that anyone more than 5 years younger than me is exclusively online.