Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Terry Richardson outed as sex pest

Check out the accusations directed at fashion photographer Terry Richardson which appeared on Jezebel:
It's gross but unfortunately not surprising. Anyone with half a foot in the fashion industry is aware of Richardson's reputation,. There's an account in Sara Ziff's documentary about the modelling industry by a fellow model in which she refers to a shoot where she was asked to perform sexual acts which, while she didn't name names, had all the hallmarks of a Richardson shoot on it. I also heard a story relating to a famous top model recently.
Of course, Richardson is a phenomenally talented and successful fashion photographer. (I, for one, love his work, but cannot condone his methods.) The question is, will these allegations go mainstream and affect his career?

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  1. wowza! you know i have always been a huge fan of his work, as i am drawn to somewhat dark and sexual images, but that is just disgusting. ugh. thanks for posting this. it's good to know what is "really" going on.


  2. It seems like more people should know about this.